Introducing 60Ghz mmWave Indoor Wireless Backhaul via the WaveTunnel | PJ Johnson | WLPC Prague 2022

Airvine creates a fully redundant fault tolerant wireless backhaul network indoors.

We do this with our patented technology that was launched out of the University of Michigan RF Lab. Our team led by 4 PhDs created the world’s first indoor wireless backhaul.

The Airvine WaveTunnels work in the 60Ghz mmWave band. Airvine’s patented breakthrough technology opens up new possibilities for indoor connectivity. The WaveTunnels are access agnostic and will carry multi-gigabit bandwidth to supply WIFI Networks, 5G Networks, IoT Networks and others. 30 global partners and customers have piloted the WaveTunnels to great success. We will share some of those with you in this presentation.