Juniper Mist Training & Certification

Special: Juniper/Mist is offering a 90% discount to CWNE’s on their JNCIS-MistAI course and certification.

This year, at #MFD6 Juniper/Mist again presented, and again we were not disappointed.

Many are familiar with Marvis their AI front end. I’d like to focus this blog on a new website made to answer the question Sam Clements has asked at all Tech Field Day events to the Mist staff: “When are we going to have design guides from Mist” – again this week he mentioned the same thing, and Wes Purvis was glad to answer… “in just a few minutes”.

Wes went on to announce Mist’s new site for WLAN Designs. It is a series of video recordings from the fantastic Mr. Peter Mackenzie! Peter follows the Wireless LAN Associations outline of Define, Design, Deploy and Diagnose.

Here is the website for you to check out yourself:

In addition to Peter’s great teaching, they have augmented the site with a series of cartoon characters showing the various activities.

  • First, there is the old-stodgy Stanley who does things the ‘old-fashioned’ way and gets into trouble.
  • His counter-point character is Misty – the fresh younger person showing the better way to do things.

It is obvious Peter had a hand in the cartoon designs in addition to the core content of the videos.

This is a great place to start learning to efficiently design Wireless LANs!

On the other hand, I don’t think this site meets Sam’s initial request for some sort of written validated reference or validated design guides for WLAN Professionals to use to design to maximize the best use of Mist Access Points to meet defined WLAN requirements.

This new Mist site is great for training. Both entertaining and educational. Just not the validated design guides many of us have been waiting for.

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