Know ALL The Requirements

In today’s video, we’re going to talk about wireless LAN design tip: Know ALL the requirements.

There’s a whole lot of requirements and we usually get a requirement from our customers who come in and say something like “We just need the Wi-Fi to work everywhere fast”. It doesn’t work that way.

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There’s a whole lot of requirements and

we usually get a requirement from our

customers who come in and say something like

we just need the Wi-Fi to work everywhere fast

yeah it doesn’t work that way

not to mention we can’t design Wi-Fi for

all Wi-Fi clients

just as example

iPhone 1

had Wi-Fi

now if you were going to design to

make it efficient for an iPhone one today

you’re designing for 2.4 NIC not for 5

and this is one thing had that antenna

that chipset years go by and those older chipsets slower

yeah use more air time

yep more air time means less density

so we can hit capacity if we’re designing for

those older devices

so we need to know which device we’re

designing for which one device we’re designing for

now if we pick the right one

hopefully all the other ones will come on

so you need to know all your requirements

now I’m put on this slide a couple of groups here

the group in the green box are

the things that you can put into

your design or validation to your primary care coverage

secondary coverage

Some people call that overlap

yeah I don’t do that anymore

if you want to look it up

there’s a fallacy of channel overlap

white paper I wrote probably a decade

ago now about how we don’t do overlap in percentage

we do overlap by dBm

also what goes in which frequency

what goes in to for what goes in 5 gig

if you allow your customers to answer this one

they will eventually

if you give them enough help

get to the point where they realize the only

thing that should be in 2.4 or

2.4 only devices

you get to use only 2.4

they stay together

the only thing that should be in 2.4 are the 2.4 only devices

you don’t want a 5 gig cable device over in 2.4

he’ll have a bad day.

one going to 2.4 means you’ll have a worse day

than he had in 5 gig

not to mention he’ll be taking away

a slice of capacity from something

you can’t go anywhere else that bad

don’t go that route

another thing we should look at is coaching insurance

we should design for we should measure for it

we should validate it

it’s the killer of Wi-Fi

I can just drop AP after AP after AP

but if you have 2 APs on the same channel when they see

each other you have the capacity of one AP actually

a little less than one AP

is there going to be sharing

So co-channel interference

you definitely have to put it as a requirement

you design to it

you validate it and you make sure it stays

as far away from your network as possible

device to radio ratios

there’s not a lot of devices that say this when you buy a

Chromebook it doesn’t say no more than 17 Chromebook per SSID

or per radio or per AP

they don’t say that

the things that really need that are

usually voice over IP handsets and they do

part of the reason they do is because the way

they use the Phy in QoS

so figure out what your device is

what it specifically needs

and make sure you give it what it wants

both primary, secondary

co-channel intereference

data rate, SNR, all of the things

now I’m not one to

to dwell on terms like

is this area high density or low density or medium density

I don’t care about density

what I care about is what’s the requirement

for a school

the main requirement might be all the classrooms

if there’s 30 devices in the classroom or 50

I don’t care

that’s the requirement

so that’s normal density

what I care about is special density areas

in a school it might be the auditorium

in a hospital the normal rooms

the hospital rooms that’s normal

but if you go to the nurse’s station

and nurses congregate there

now that area is special

so it’s more about designing to make

sure you meet where the special

density is

a stadium

that’s normal density for a stadium

you go out into the walkway or to the tunnels

that’s a special density because you

have a different density than where people are

so think about those now

the ones in the right

jitter, latency, end to end QoS

there’s a whole bunch of things over here

we don’t measure these with our Ekahau or Tembo soft

or Air Magnet

they’re more of a vendor specific

they’re still valuable

they’re still very important

you need to know them

they’re a strong requirement

but we’re just going to measure them

using different types of tool

so this one it’s all about the requirements

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