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Not just primary coverage, not just secondary or code channel interference.

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Understand how Capacity really works

you can’t just go draw a little box on the screen

and say there’s 27 kinds in here and

here they go

yeah all of that software, whether it

be Andrew von Nagy capacity planner or any

capacity planner built in any piece of

software they all make one

huge fatal flaw

they make too many assumptions

they assume that

AP has a certain amount of Capacity

APs don’t have Capacity

the RF has a Capacity

so if I have two APs on the same frequency

they’re sharing the Capacity

and yet all of the capacity planners

mess that up


understand what’s really there

realize what each of those

assumptions is

you can still work on Capacity

but it is not nearly

as easy as you think it is

it’s not just a quick calculation

we have to understand the

design and whether or not there’s

co-channel interference

and we have to minimize that first before we

can ever get to Capacity

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