More Details on our Recent AP and Client Testing with Ferney

We are finally doing the field test.

In today’s video, we’re doing client testing Jordan High School in Utah in the United States.

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We are finally doing

the field test we’re

doing client testing

Jordan High School in Utah in the United

States is

about 100 degrees close

thirty eight forty degrees Celsius

so not not too bad

we are finally

with our access points in

one end of the football

field and then we’ve been doing AP

different APs different clients

and we did all kind of surveys

stop and go continues

auto pilot

we’ve done GPS

and we are now just on

the final stage of doing

client testing at ten

meters, twenty five meters

fifty and seventy five

so we’re just moving

away and getting different

readings to a local WLAN Pi

that we have here and

one that we have going

out to the Internet

into another

server that we manage through

an LTE connection

we can show how you have set up

yes absolutely

so it’s changed a little bit since we

started this morning but

probably want to come on this side

we have all the batteries for the

different APs

we have a

cambium aniba by

eight and we have a couple of

AP Forty ones from Mr.


Forty three also promised we have

a Cisco twenty

eight or two a couple of Rocko’s

710 and 310 and an

Aruba five fifteen

That’s an ax axis point

so I have all those APs coming to

actually fix batteries

and then those bodies are going into

a 10 port purely switch

this one is just A.F

and right here we

also have that battery

the it’s a charge

tech that provides power

for our LTE

MicroTech box that is


DHCP for

everybody our clients and our

APs and

also the

Pulis, which

so we’re completely running out of

battery right now

and what we are doing is

connecting each one of the clients

we have a Windows machine with an X

NIC in it and we have a

MacBook Pro 13

incher and we also have an

iPad and an iPhone

and we’re just connecting to each

one of the APs on 5 gig

and we have some APs configure

well all of them are configured 10

dBm and there is

one that is configure a

higher power at twenty

five dBm

we have sixteen dBm some 5 gig

and twenty five dBm 5Ghz for the

high power

and we decided not to do 2.4

but this is kind of like the physical setup of it

and of course we use this

tripod tripods

with one of these

light lightning

rocks and I just drill

holes and put

Wi-Fi stands throughout

just I know they’re not at the

ideal distance for the

testing we’re doing

it works

it’s better than having

nine tripods, WiFi 9

Wi-Fi stands on top of them

so it just one rack and

I figure out a way to put inside my van

it works out and of course

is wireless

but I know cables hunter

so we have lots of

cables and lots of

cable management right now

this is our local speed

test server the

one we connect

each one with the client

let’s say for instance this AP 43

the client will

connect at ten meters

twenty five WiFi

seventy five to this guy

and then he will come

and do a speed test locally

to this guy

and then we’re also we’re going to get the

upload and download speeds on this

scenario and then the

second thing we do is connect to the

same guy but to a WLAN Pi that

we have outside of

the Canyons School District

Data Center

and so how we’re

reaching it we’re not connected to a district

office we are going from that

client to the AP 43

to of course the switch and then out

the LTE box

this is our gateway

and this one is with an eight


card and it just goes out to a

cell phone network to a

network out to

wherever it goes to one of the and

then back into a district office

so we’re hitting the one on

that side

of course the speeds are

considerably lower

it’s not because of the AP as we can

as we can see, the purpose of this

is we are testing same

device same system same

AP doing

a speed test local and then

to one out to a

device in the data center the two

same APs

oh yes these are AP

forty once

those are Wi-Fi 5

and one is said to low power

so in five gig we

set we set that guy

down to ten

actually sixteen dBm in

5 gig and then the

the other guy is high

we put it at the max which is 20 5

dBm so it’s it’s

a higher power on these guys

so they’re the same

the only difference is that one

is a 16 dBm

the owners are 20 5 dBm

and the comparison to on the

end oh this guy over here

this would be an AP forty three

this is also a but this one is

a Wi-Fi six device

and it’s also a 16 dBm

5 gig

and we’re just comparing because these

guys are

Wi-Fi 5 these ones are Wi-Fi five

six and the two on the ends

so this one over here

so AP forty one low power and

this one is a cambium and this

cambium actually you kind of

surprised me

it’s on eBay by eight in

a very very easy to

configure, very intuitive

the interface was very friendly

I had never experienced

one of those and DNA by eight

by eight and it’s also 16

dBm on 5 gig

and we’re getting pretty

good results on this guy

because I think you

go back for more

testing and we have more data report later



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