Network Apps for iPhone – Revisited

Below is a list of the recommended Network Apps that I use on my iPhone and iPod Touches.

I posted a previous detailed review on my blog post earlier this year in April. This is an updated list to reflect updated apps and how I actually use these apps in my daily work. These are based on a review of over 100 network apps purchased and tested over the last few months.

Try them yourselves – I think you’ll enjoy using your iPhone as a nice portable network analysis tool.

If you want to see the full 100+ apps, icons, pricing and features. Drop me an e-mail at KEITH at INPNET dot ORG and I’ll send you the spreadsheet in Excel and PDF form for your review.


Tier One Apps

Deep Whois – Professional Whois Browser


NetBrowser – does Multicast DNS searches (Bonjour) with nice details

Bytes – does dec/hex/bin conversions, ASCII reference and metric units

My System 2 – gives you System information as well as Local station info

ASCII Chart – the best of the many ASCII reference apps

My Network Ports On-The-Go – detailed analysis fo the port database

Pinouts – Details on RJ-45, Firewire, USB, etc.

Emerald Time – NTP Accurate time

iNet – Professional robust network tool with Scan, Bonjour, Portscan & Device Info

Net Scan – Scan IP, Range, Country, MAC, Whois, ICMP, TCP

Network Diagnostics Pro – Ping, Ping Range, Tracert, DNS, Device Info

Snap – Local Scan, ID Devices, Bonjour Services, detailed export

Net Status – Professional TCP, UDP update and MAC Lookup

Nice Trace – Professional Trace, Whois, Country and Details

TCPinger – Both ICMP and TCP Ping with details and ‘What’s Up’

RF Toolbox – Very well done RF, GPS and Site tools for Wireless Pros

IP Calc – the best of the myriad of Subnet calculators

iPico SIP Client – a fully configurable and robust SIP Client

Skype Client – yep – just what you think

WiFiFoFum – best ‘NetStumbler’ around for iPhone – Get it!

FTP On The Go – FTP App with Viewer capability


Tier Two Apps

DNS-SD – $2.99 – Browse Bonjour Services
nDNS Watch – $0.00 – Browse Multicast DNS Services
Network Solutions Whois – $0.00
iNetCalc – $0.99 – Calculate file transfers, bandwidth, VoIP
SpeedCalc – $0.00 – Calculate file transfer times
iNetInfo – $0.00 – Quick MAC, IP, Gateway, DNS
File Name Extension Reference – $0.00 – Yep, just hat is sounds like
iHexView – $0.99 – Base converter for bin/dec/oct/hex
IT Tools – $2.00 – Ping, Route, Interface, ARP, MAC Database
IP Port LIst – $0.99 – Reference Tool for IANA Ports
RF Calc – $0.00 – CWNP RF Calculators from G.T. Hill
IP Calc – $0.99 – Best Simple IPv4 Subnet Calculator
IPEToolbox – $0.99 – IP Engineer’s Toolbox with Subnet, VoIP bandwidth
NetCalc – $0.00 – Easy to use Subnet calculator
The Mask – $9.99 – Professional Extensive IPv4, BinHexDec, VLSM, CIDR
Acrobits Softphone – $6.99 – Customizable SIP Soft Phone with easy setup
WiFiTrak – $0.99 – WiFi Scanner with Connect
Datacase – $6.99 – WiFi Drive Apps with Viewers
iDisk Mobile Me – $0.00 = Access your Mobile Me iDisk