No podcast today… Whitepapers Instead

Sorry, no podcast today. We’ve been having an issue with our hosting provider GoDaddy – blocked IP addresses, etc. that is preventing the work we normally do on show production.

Hopefully this will be resolved before next week’s scheduled show.

In the meantime, here are a couple of white papers written by Keith Parsons all in one place for easy access.

Again, our apologies. Looking forward to regularly scheduled Wireless LAN Weekly Podcasts in the future.


Learning Wireless LAN Technologies

Quick & Dirty 802.11n Design

WLAN = Counterintuitive

*Want, Don’t Want, Don’t Care – Meeting Design Specs

Using The Right Tool for the Job

Seven Rules for Accurate Site Surveys

The Fallacy of Channel Overlap

False God of dB

How to Cheat on a Survey

Designing for Voice

Thanks for listening.

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