Preparing for Wireless Tech Field Day #7

Yep, it’s about that time again. Time again to focus on the latest and greatest in the Wireless LAN vendor space. It is Wireless Tech Field Day #7!

Hold the date – block off the time in your calendar now – and be ready for another set of great presentations.

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Save this link –

From that link you can gain access to the list of all sponsors, delegates, and during the event the live video streams.

I’m looking forward to see what new features each of the vendors have to offer. I’d really like to see more live demos, yes, they are dangerous from a marketing point of view, but they can be so powerful and show the confidence of the vendor in their own products. Better still, let the delegates themselves do the live demonstrations!

One more time – slide shows are for marketing wonks… we do NOT need to see the ‘this is why their is a need for BYOD…‘ type slides. Those delegates who are in the room, as well as the bulk of those watching the live or recorded videos are well versed in the current status and environment. We are, by definition, Wireless LAN Professionals, and as part of our professional life we are daily exposed to the scenarios of our customers.

Instead, focus on the technology, YOUR technology. What makes your Wireless Solution special – let us all see the benefits your solution provides. Explain the unique technical differences and basically impress us with your best intellectual talent. Some of the very best sessions over the years have been those where the marketing people started the presentation, and turned it over to the engineers to wow us with their brilliance and dazzle the audience with their technical expertise.

Each of the sponsoring vendors has unique properties and technologies that set them apart from the competition – let us see those and help the delegates as well as all the video audience to see and experience those features!

If there is anything controversial about your company or products or technology, acknowledge it, and move on. It is all about the technology – that is what everyone comes to see.

I, for one, am very excited to get more in-depth knowledge from each of the presentations – each vendor has a great story to tell. It is going to be good… very good!