Raising the Next Generation of Wireless Engineers

Landon Foster

A presentation on Mentoring and Nurturing the next generation of Wireless engineer and why it’s important. This presentation will discuss strategies for Mentoring itself, teaching both formally and informally, how to find candidates, how to interact with them and concerns as well as tips. It will present some statistics on younger engineers, the work environment, their goals, how YOU can help, and the knock-on effects of a stable technical job for them socially and fiscally.

It will also include a report on Ace High Wi-fi’s mentoring and cert sponsorship charity programs. For longer formats, it will include very short clips on personal experiences and testimonials on how mentors and teachers have impacted students and mentees. (Not exclusive to Ace High Wifi, but rather widely and agnostic to organization) Some statistics will be included in the presentation for a Quantitative and Qualitative worldview.