Before You Design – Remember The Basics

You should not put your access points above the ceiling tiles.

In today’s rules for efficient Wireless Lan design, we’re going to talk about why you should not put your access points above the ceiling tiles. 

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To get started, we’re going to look at a view that I put together

it’s a graphic on how to troubleshoot Wi-Fi

Wait, I thought this session was about how to design…

yep, this was about design

But we need to understand the process

and the flow of how it works together.

So if you look at the next picture here,

we’re going to be focusing on the red side,

your network infrastructure.

Local area network is the blue and the LAN

and the Internet is the green.

We’re going to be focusing on the red part of this

at the end of the slide … of this presentation

you can go and download this graphic and look at it yourself

I strongly suggest you figure out how Wi-Fi works

It’s like the core of what we’re doing here.

And there’s a graphic that helps you

place things in space so you can

understand how they all work together

Well, actually, we don’t start with design, do we,

we first have to start with Define – what is it that you want?

There’s a definition stage

and personally, when I’m going to a customer,

I’m going to spend half, maybe three-quarters

of the entire design, time and budget on the definition,

because if you can define a very precisely,

the actual design part’s really easy.

So Define then Design and then someone does Deploy.

Now, some companies that deploy is the same people.

In my firm, we usually offload the deployment

to some other group who pulls the cables

and mounts the APs, etc

Then there’s a Validation

One of our rules we’re gonna cover here is about Validation

very, very important to validate your design.

And then the last D here is Diagnose.

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