Spectrum Analysis Primer – Part 1 – Fundamentals

Today’s post, instead of your weekly Podcast on some Wireless LAN topic, will be the first of a three part series on Spectrum Analysis. This is a highly graphical topic, and though important to the working of a Wireless LAN Professional, is hard to do in an audio format. Thus no podcast, but instead I’ll be sharing slides, graphics, and concepts that I’ve been sharing with my students for the last decade… all in PDF format so we can visualize the concepts.

This week is Part 1 – Fundamentals.

In the attached PDF white paper we’ll cover the basics and vocabulary needed to get started with Spectrum Analysis. Including talking a bit on how regular WiFi NIC’s operate. We need to know what spectrum analysis is NOT as well as what it is.

In subsequent weeks we’ll continue talking about basics of Spectrum Analysis and then how to intepret the results of using a SpecAn.

In the final week, I’ll talk about the various options available from $50 to $20,000. And the costs and benefits of choosing your Spectrum Analysis tools wisely.

I’m no longer teaching WLAN technologies full-time, I’ve taken a position with Ruckus Wireless to head up the professional services group, so I thought it would be appropriate to share these concepts and slides freely to the Wireless LAN Professionals community.


Keith Parsons

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