Tablets for Wireless Professionals

Tablets were first introduced back in 1990s but they were quite ahead of their time. The tablet industry gained traction in 2010 after the introduction of 1st generation Apple iPad. Since then they have seen a steady growth over laptops. The PC industry is declining whereas hybrid and tablet industry is gaining strength each year.

Tablets are becoming more powerful and offer more productivity options than ever before

Half a decade ago, they were considered as enlarged smartphones but now they are replacing laptops in workplaces and households. All major manufacturers offer a tablet to the end consumers including Apple, Samsung, Google, and Microsoft and so on. For end consumers, a tablet functions mainly as a smartphone but with a bigger screen. On the other hand, for professionals tablets have become their ultimate portable tool for productivity.

All major productivity softwares/applications are now available on Android and iOS tablets

These include Microsoft Office, Adobe softwares, applications for visual artists and also custom applications for the niche segment. Talking about the niche segment, a tablet is a very useful tool for Wi-Fi professionals.

Before the introduction of portable gadgets…

Wi-Fi professionals used to carry heavy and costly equipment to analyze the wireless connection and the surroundings of the building. Now they just need to carry a single device that provides them with all the functionality they need to optimize a network.

Companies which develop specialized wireless equipment are also introducing portable devices and applications which can be connected and installed on a tablet. In the table below, you can find a list of wireless diagnostic and analyzing applications for tablets:

Apps for Wireless Productivity

As you can see in the table above, there is an application for all each kind of diagnostics, testing, applications, deployment and optimization of wireless networks for a tablet. Some applications also come with external devices which further enhance capabilities of a tablet. A good tablet with the help of these applications can enable any Wi-Fi professional to deploy a wireless network in any building or area.

Long gone the days when you needed specialized equipment for deploying a wireless network, now you just need a capable tablet and a few applications for the same purpose.