The 2017 WLAN Community Compensation Survey is Now Available!

We are hosting a community-wide compensation survey to help garner some statistics to show the state of compensation within our community across the globe. We did one of these last year about this same time, and had 1,000 survey responses. This year we’d like to increase that number to have even better statistics. We have adapted the survey instrument from last year to now have more granular details on location, dropped some questions with no statistical bearing on compensation, and added a few more demographic questions to further understand this community.

Last year’s data:
As well as an online calculator here:

The URL for the 2017 survey is:
This link will only be open and available for 5-days – from 4-Dec to 8-Dec.

We will be sharing the results of the survey for free to all who wish to receive an email copy, and also posted on the WLAN Pros website, as well as the Wireless LAN Association newsletter. Feel free to also post the results on your internal or external sources. Analysis of all results will be freely shared.

Anything you can do to help share this compensation benchmark with people in the Wireless LAN Community will be greatly appreciated.


Keith R. Parsons