The Science of Bad Wi-Fi Design

No actual science here…

In a past #WLPC presentation Eddie Forero shared some truly awful Wi-Fi installations from his presentation Science of Bad-Fi. (see the full presentation below)

Here’s a round up of the “best” of the worst.

Exhibit #1. Hidden APĀ 

Help with the wifi

This was the “one that started it all” – This was the first picture he uploaded that kicked off his blog as well as his twitter feed @BadFiShow

This shot was taken by Eddie at a medical facility complaining about their lousy Wi-Fi.

Eddie arrived at the facility and couldn’t find the AP. They found the controller – it’s showing APs and SSIDs. He finally got a ladder and decided to start looking in the ceiling. After a while he found an AP. As you can see in the image it was completely surrounded by metal. Eddie snapped this photo and was the first one he posted on his blog.


Brought the APs out of the ceiling, mounted them properly, made some adjustments and got them functional again.

Exhibit 2. Hidden IDFS


This time Eddie was walking through a school district. He was looking for the IDFs for a set of trailers. After searching for a while, they happened to open a cupboard and there it was.

Despite the fact that it was hard to find, the fire hazard associated with this could have significant negative effects.

Exhibit 3 – DIY Outdoor AP

Science 3

This one was sent in by Zaib Kaleem of WLAN Books.

Someone took an electronic device, wrapped it in a ziplock bag, strapped it to a wall to make an outdoor AP.

How long until this thing bursts into flames?

Exhibit 4 – Where is the AP? 

Science 4

This one was sent to Eddie by Ronald van Kleunen of Globeron can you find the AP?

Eddie does a great job shining light on Bad-Fi across the globe. Be sure to follow him on Twitter and submit your own #BadFi installations you run across on the job or just out in the real world.

Here’s the full presentation… enjoy!