Things – My To Do List Manager

I’ve gone through an entire series of To Do managers. On my mission I used these ‘Do It’ cards I kept in my shirt pocket. Then back in my university days I used a full-page system from the very first Franklin planner. Moved on to the Daytimer 1/2 page size. Palm Pilot, Microsoft Outlook, and probably 15 other systems.

After moving to the Macintosh last summer I spent some time trying different To Do managers… none seemed to do what I wanted. I especially wanted a nice fast sync to my iPhone, and something that worked with the way I work.

I think in ‘projects’ and ‘where’ – something that would let me keep all those items that were errands in the same area together, then later see them all together.

I’ve found my latest tool. It’s called ‘Things’ – and also comes in an iPhone format.

I can strongly recommend it to anyone with a Macintosh. I especially like the simple quick way to add a new item as so as it pops into my head (ctrl-option-space) and then I can later re-organize them, and prioritize them, and assign them to specific dates, or even just drop it into a ‘someday’ category.

Syncing to the iPhone is fast, simple and easy – I can enter a new To Do on my iPhone and then it shows up on the Mac… or vice versa.

Give it a try! – here’s a short video on Things