Tools Review | LanScan Pro

LanScan Pro is a simple and efficient IPv4 network scanner that discovers all active devices on the subnet you configure.

This tool does a fast, efficient and useful job to see what devices maybe on your network. I’ve used it in the past to document and learn what devices were on various lab networks and even my own home networks.

Simple & Quick

LanScan Pro shows IP addresses, MAC addresses, Hostname, Vendor (OUI), in addition to DNS, mDNS, SMB and SMB Domain names for even more details.

You can also sort by any column of data to help find and organize information on your network.

You can configure it to scan a customizable set of network addresses and even export the results for even better documentation.

This is nothing you can’t get with other tools… but I still use it all the time because it does one thing fast, and accurately, every single time.

This app is only $5.99 in the Apple Mac Store.