Call for Topics #WLPC 2021

It’s that time again…

Now, to be clear we do NOT have any specific dates/locations to announce for #WLPC 2021 yet, but we do want to start getting ready for when things finally do open up and we can all gather together again.

So in the spirit of “being prepared”, we want to hear from you. Are you interested in presenting at the next #WLPC?

Here’s how the “topic selection process” will work:

  • Call for Topics now through 15 November: This is open to anyone who would like to submit an idea. This time around we will be looking for both live and video-recorded presentations, as well as Deep Dive ideas. Be thinking about in what format you’d like to present.
  • Organize Submissions: The window for submissions will be closed 16 November. At which time a team of community members will work to identify the topics we think will work best for either live, video, or deep-dive presentations.
  • Vote 1 December through 15 December: Once we have all the submissions organized, we will send out another call to the community to vote on which presentations and deep dives they are most interested in having presented at #WLPC.
  • Final Topics Announced: Once the voting is all in we will be publishing the list of all the “finalists” who will be presenting at #WLPC 2021.

We look forward to another #WLPC event in the coming year.