Using a Drone in Your WLAN Practice _OR_ So You Want To Use a Drone for Work

Mike Wade

Learn how you can incorporate using a drone in your wireless LAN practice. Understand the difference between recreational and Part 107 certificates and what it takes to become an FAA Part 107 pilot (sometimes called a commercial license). Including newly released information regarding the FAA Remote ID program.

At the end of this deep dive *you* will be an FAA authorized recreational sUAS (drone) pilot with your own registered drone. You will have an understanding of how, where, and when you are allowed to fly. You will also have the information you need to add value to your WLAN practice by obtaining the FAA Part 107 certificate.

Attendees of this deep dive will get:

-Examples and ideas of how a drone will add value to your business

-A recreational sUAS (drone) pilot certificate

-Receive and register your very own drone

-An understanding of airspace restrictions and how and when to obtain FAA clearance

-Hands on sUAS flight training

-Insight into the FAA Part 107 exam

What’s Included:

  • Dji Mini SE
  • FAA Airman Knowledge Testing Supplement