What Problem is UWB Trying to Solve with Stephen Cooper

by | Nov 16, 2020 | Blog

What specific situations would UWB be helpful in?

We continue with our breakdown of UWB with Stephen Cooper looking at what problems exactly does UWB try to solve.

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So talking a bit more about what problems it can solve

of course, ranging location, accuracy, proximity detection

even using it for radar applications to better detect

whether someone's breathing properly or not

That's how accurate ultra wideband can be

You can even use it for radar applications to measure

through walls and obstructions and things like that

which is really cool

Security is also an interesting use case to

A lot of the products and things that were showcased

with ultra wideband CBS this year

were all around secure vehicle access

So remember, Tom was presenting earlier in the week

about the the issues with the Teslas

being unlocked viably and you can sort of relay attacks man

in the middle of the attacks people drive off your car

You don't have that problem with ultra wideband

Because it's low power, ultra wide, very close proximity

And you actually have to be physically close to the vehicle,

but you don't actually have to take your phone out of the pocket

So same use case

It's just implemented in a more secure and more robust fashion

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