Voyance – Visibility into the User Experience

At the heart of Nyansa’s product – “voyance” is the user experience.

Nyansa understands that as Wireless LAN Professionals, our goal is to design and implement seamless Wi-Fi network systems that allow users to easily connect and browse the internet through their devices. Voyance takes a more top-down approach to network management and monitoring by trying to zero-in on individual users or a group of users to understand their experience with the network.

GT Hill, Director of Product and Technical Marketing met with Keith Parsons on our weekly podcast (episode 122) to share some insights on how Voyance can help Wi-Fi engineers manage their networks.

Know your user experience

Everything that Voyance does is from the perspective of the end user. It allows for Wi-Fi experts to evaluate the user experience from access to application. Voyance maintains a history of the user experience and so Wi-Fi experts are able to track to see whether the user had a good or bad experience also the ability to understand why if they had a bad experience. This feature of voyance is called the root cause analysis, simply provides a list of potential problems with the network that could have contributed to the poor user experience.

Voyance tells you when something is different.

Voyance is able to identify the norm for the network based on inspecting, analyzing and correlating all the wired and wireless data across the entire network application. This allows for toy to identify and objectively benchmark what is considered good performance of the network and pinpoint specific problems.

By establishing these baselines for the norm of the network it is easier to identify incidents. While there are always incidents on a network, voyance allows you to be able to identify the ones that have the greatest impact on the network. Incidents are ranked on a scale of 1-5 with 1 having the greatest priority while incident rated at 5 should be reviewed but it has the least chance of affecting the network.

Voyance helps to track the network changes

Once a change is made on the network Voyance automatically will annotate the change stating the name of the engineer and the change that was made. This will be followed by the result that this change has made, whether it has positive or negatively impacted the network. This is great for companies who are trying to implement new chances across their various networks to see the impact of the change on one network before it is rolled out to the others.

What kind of recommendations does Voyance provide?

The recommendation engine of Voyance acts as a consultant. Voyance will provide recommended possible course of actions based on the identified problems. While Voyance is only provides this feature in a beta version at the moment, as it continues to develop and evolve this will help Wireless LAN professionals identify and solve network problems faster.
If you would really like to learn more about Nyansa Voyance Overview and its mission to Operationalizing IT with Voyance, you can check out this presentation made by GT Hill on YouTube.