What is Ultra-Wideband (UWB)? with Stephen Cooper

So what is ultra wide band?

It is not Verizon 5GB Ultra Wide Band that they’re marketing at the moment. You’ll see this come up a lot. There’s a lot of Google search ads popping up. They’re prioritizing Verizon’s marketing for 5Ghz ultra wideband. Let’s just build that myth now.

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So what is ultra wide band

It is not Verizon 5GB Ultra Wide Band

that they're marketing at the moment

You'll see this come up a lot

There's a lot of Google search ads popping up

They're prioritizing Verizon's marketing for 5Ghz ultra wideband

Let's just build that myth now

It is not the same thing

5G is not ultra wideband completely different technologies

completely different frequency spectrum

This is just a marketing term that Verizon is using for 5GB

what is ultra wideband

So essentially it's using pulse radio technology

and it's based on IEEE 802.15.14 standard

So you most of you are familiar with that

We've seen Peter present on that Wi-Fi track and WLPC before,

things like being thread and all those sorts of cool things

at play in the 2.4 gigahertz spectrum

But it's actually really deep and really complicated standard

that we've only just really

scratched the surface on in the Wi-Fi community

I feel

So the definition of ultra wideband really

is that the three dB bandwidth is at least

twenty five per cent of the standard frequency

of a radio transmission

And really it's basically using short pulses

of really low power spectrum density

This is one of the key points about ultra wideband,

really wide bandwidth, really low power,

and it operates in the 3.1

to 10.6 gigahertz range

There is actually some support for sub gigahertz as well

But this is the majority of the stuff

that we see coming out at the moment

and ultra wide band wide bandwidth,

at least 500 megahertz channels all the way up

to 1300 megahertz wide channels

So it's pretty cool

And you can actually have data rate used cases

A lot of people's thoughts at the moment

have been around location tracking,

that's for sure, what the severe guys presented earlier this week

But it can be used for data exchange

and data communications and control communications

not just location services

So we're talking about location services

Yes, that is a key area that a lot of the work has been done

on ultra wideband in recent times is around the time of flight

and measurement of radio signals for proximity and localization

This is a really cool point

this is actually what is getting me

quite excited about ultra wideband

Not only is it an 802.15.4 it's an 802.15.6

wireless body area networks

wireless sensors for health monitoring and tracking

is probably going to revolutionize airport health

and what they have in store for the

Apple Watch and things like that

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