What’s In Your Backpack?

I’ve been a ‘bag’ kind of guy since I was just a little kid. Any bag Dad would bring home from work…

Then in my own business I’ve been through literally 50+ bags that have been ‘mine’. But now I’ve used the same backpack for over three years now… a World’s Record!

I had some time last week and I thought I’d document up what is in my Backpack.

I have had many years of travel experience and have honed my packing skills to bring along just the right set of equipment and supplies to support me wherever I might be. I can work, be entertained, read, relax, and generally take pretty good care of myself with just what is in my backpack.

Every item on this list has a specific purpose and reason for being included. This backpack has to fit in the overhead compartments of even the smallest of Regional Jets, or under the airline seat. And… I have to carry it with me and send it through TSA security checkpoints over 100+ times per year!

This combination of equipment is the culmination of thousands of hours of travel and on-the-road work. Work in Hotel rooms, Crown Rooms, Airports, client offices, backs of bouncing pickup trucks, subways, and even at my home and work offices…

Everything can be recharged via USB 5v systems – and I carry two spare 5v batteries and three USB Charging stations so I’m never without power for these devices. Everything is also 110v/220v so I can travel internationally. Depending on the country, I just have to add a small bag of adapters and I’m ready to go.

So here it goes…


Keith Parsons – Backpack Contents


– Brenthaven Expandable Trek Backpack

In Bottom of Front Pocket

– Main Unit – Small case I can pull out and easily setup on a desk
32GB USB Drive – Corsair – Backup and All my install files
USB SD Card Reader
USB Charging Battery – Lennar
USB Charger Cable for iPhone
8GB USB Drive – Temporary Files
16GB USB Drive – Instructor Master
8GB USB Drive – Aruba PTT Course
Flashlight – Surefire Executive Defender
Mini Cable to VGA for MacBook
Red Pen – Bic 5mm
Black Pen – Sharpie Mini
20GB Firefly USB powered Hard Drive
CarryAll – NiteIze Mobile Accessories
– USB Charger w/Dual adapter iPhone and Mini USB
– Apple AirPort Express Extreme – set to WPA to share Wired
– 60Watt Apple Macbook Power Suppy
– Allsop Mouse Beanbag
– Apple Bluetooth ‘Mighty Mouse’
– Canon Sureshot Digital Camera

Charging Unit

Tums EX
Tube of Tylenol Extra Strength
Cherry Chapstick
Ceramic Paper Cutter
Fingernail Clippers – A.G. Russell
Fingernail File
Twezzers – L.A. Cross
USB Charger Cable for Kindle
USB Charger Cable for Mini USB
USB Charger Cable for iPhone
USB 4-port Hub – APC
USB AC Charger – Lennar
USB Charging Battery – Lennar
USB Male to Mini USB Cable – Zio Shorty
USB AC Charger – Apple
CarryAll – NiteIze Mobile Accessories

Network Unit

RJ-45 to DB-9 Console Cable Adapter – Aruba
USB to DB-9 Serial Adapter –
USB to Serial Converter w/cord
USB to Serial Drivers Mini CD
RJ-45 Cross Over Adapter
3′ Cat-5 Cable
6′ Cat-5 Cable – Retractable
4-port USB Hub with Octopus Cable
AirMagnet abgn Wireless LAN Adapter w/AirMagnet Licenses
Ubiquiti abg Wireless LAN Adapter w/2dBi Antenna w/AirMagnet Licenses
CarryAll – NiteIze Mobile Accessories

Back Main Section

Spare Bifocal Glasses in Protective Case
Spare Computer Glasses in Protective Case
Sunglasses in Protective Case
Package of M&Ms
Package of Salted Peanuts
Monster ‘Dr. Dre’ Noise Cancelling Headphones
Amazon Kindle2 in Leather Case
Apple Macbook 13″ – Aluminum Unibody 2.66GHz w/500GB HD
Monster Cable – 4-port Portable Power Strip
Passport in Mesh Liner
Wallet ‘spare’ ID and Credit Cards in Mesh Liner
Cash – $300 in $20s

Right Side Pocket

Garmin Nuvi 250 Portable GPS
w/Suction Mount & USB Charging port
Outside Mesh used for loose change
Ball Speaker – USB Powered

Left Side Pocket

IO Scribe Digital Pen
Portable Microphone
Earbuds w/Airline Adapter
Variety of Medicines in Single Serving Packets

Front Left Zipper Pocket

Car Keys
Ninja’ Remote
Eyeglass Cleaner Pads
Pre-moistened Lens Cleaning Tissues

Front Right Zipper Pocket

Tide Stain Remover Pen
Fingernail Buffer Tool
Large Pre-Moisten LCD Cleaning Tissues

Front Zipper Pocket

Spare Mont Blanc Rollerball Pen
Spare Mont Blanc Rollerball Refill
Airline Coupons and Pre-Paid Vouchers
Spare Red Pens and Sharpies
Sleeping Eyemask and Earplugs
First Aid Kit

Front of Backpack

S-Biner Snap-On Caribiners – 10Lb Versions
Altoids Sugar-Free Wintergreen Smalls
Delta Skymiles Platinum Medalion Tag

Top Front Pocket

V-Mode High-Quality Earbuds
Airline Adapter for Headphones
Motorola Bluetooth Earpiece w/USB Charging Port
Spare AAA Batteries
USB Charging Cable for Ailph Jawbone Bluetooth
Aliph Jawbone Slim Bluetooth Adapter
2GB SD Card
Business Cards
3×5 Cards PrePrinted with my Information and Grid Patter
Small Narrow Notepad
2″x2″ Yellow Post-It Notes
Spare Mont Blanc Rollerball Refill
Microfiber Cloth
2GB ‘Temp’ USB Drive
4GB ‘Master’ WLAN Student USB Drive
Crown Room Card
Delta Airlines Platinum Status Card
United Airlines Gold Premier Status Card
United Red Carpet Lounge Passes
Small Leather Case to Protect Jawbone2 Bluetooth Adapter