Wi-Fi Adjuster Course

Devin Akin

Wi-Fi networks can be complicated. The 802.11 protocol is complicated. Understanding how to use inexpensive WLAN scanning tools to quickly and efficiently assess and remediate the first 80% of WLAN connectivity, performance, and security problems will save your organization an enormous amount of time and money.

This course pays for itself the very first time your WLAN experiences a problem due to best-practice misconfiguration. If you are a consultant, this course will make you more money than any other in the Wi-Fi market. In this course you will combine knowledge of the 802.11 protocol, RF spectrum, amazing new WLAN scanning tools, and detailed troubleshooting processes. This course is 75% lab time, uses the newest analysis tools, and guarantees to catapult you forward in WLAN troubleshooting

What’s Included:

  • All the courseware
  • Hands on labs

Here’s the Flyer from the Wireless Adjuster Course