Wi-Fi vs CBRS/Private LTE Design | Djamel Ramoul | WLPC Phoenix 2020

This post summarizes Djamel Ramoul’s, iBwave’s Sales Engineer, discussion on Wi-Fi and CBRS/Private LTE design requirements, presented on WLPC Phoenix 2020.

Because Long Term Evolution (LTE) devices do not support all channels, the connection operates through the same sector, resulting in major interference and reflection, especially in a closed space.

As a solution, Wi-Fi Best Practice is applied to LTE design. Wi-Fi 2.4 uses 1, 6, and 11, separating the channels and minimizing the interference. This results in at least two channels covering, increasing the SINR from 10 dB, the minimum requirement for LTE to function, to 14 dB.

Design Requirements: Wi-Fi vs LTE