Wi-Fi Monitoring with NetBeez #NFD24

The folks at NetBeez have been presenting at Gestalt IT events since 2015…

and I’ve watched them all, see: https://netbeez.net/

I’ve been impressed with their simple, yet powerful technology – taking low cost hardware, coupled with software built to solve actual network problems to bring a solution to IT departments who want to manage and monitor their wired and wireless networks.

Over the years they have also posted some great blog articles – teaching techniques and ideas on using Linux, and other inexpensive tools to solve networking issues.

(You can find an archive to these blogs here: https://netbeez.net/blog/ )

We were not disappointed with their presentations at #NFD24

– and I, for one, loved their gutsy live demonstrations of their product. Including a great demo to show Wi-Fi actually failing in real-time. Not that Wi-Fi fails… but that their monitoring system was able to track and report this IN real-time!

Panos was using an agent on his laptop, and then walked outside – far away from his home Access Point – and the NetBeez monitoring system – as shown in the following graphic – tracked this in near real-time.

It is one thing to plan for a real-time demo, live during a broadcast presentation – but to think outside the box and demonstrate Wi-Fi degrading in while you are doing the demo – that was great!

In addition to agent-based monitoring, NetBeez also offers hardware Wi-Fi sensors that can also do repeated and scheduled synthetic testing to confirm and document Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity.

They posted three presentations – the first is on the history of the company and an overview of their products.

The second presentation showed their network monitoring software and service to track your WAN and/or WLAN.

And the final demonstration was how NetBeez can help their customers in today’s pandemic situation where many are still in a Work From Home situation and how IT staff can both monitor, and help troubleshoot remotely to keep employees working as efficiently as possible.

These sessions are worth your time to watch and learn from.

But my strongest recommendation is for you to go and read all the other fantastic blogs from NetBeez and learn from their freely shared expertise. https://netbeez.net/blog/