Wi-Fi Stress Test – a vendor-independent analysis of access points

After weeks of planning, a full week of testing, and then a week of analysis and documenting… the Wi-Fi Stress Test results are now ready!

Here is the video that was posted to YouTube from before the tests started.

The two parts of the PDF report can be downloaded here. The first is the main report, and the second are the individual access point results.

Wi-Fi Stress Test Report – Overview

Wi-Fi Stress Test Report – Individual Access Points

As soon as the video report is completed from post, we’ll also have it posted here as well.

As a bit of a ‘tease’ for the Wi-Fi Stress Test report, here are a couple of quotes from those who helped with this project.

Keith R. Parsons – Managing Director – Wireless LAN Professionals, Inc.

WLAN Pros Black Logo

“Wireless LAN Professionals devised a great test to simulate a K-12 classroom environment, and to push all of these APs to the limit. I was very impressed with the skill and number of Wi-Fi Professionals that helped with the testing. I can’t wait for the next round!”    Luke Jenkins – Network Engineer – Weber State University

“The Wireless LAN Professionals team has gone out of their way to create an insightful and unbiased report. This promises to be the first of many unique looks into debunking the ‘vendor myths’ regarding WiFi performance and features in a real-world environment.”    Samuel Clements – Mobility Practice Manager, Presidio South – CWNE #101

“The Wi-Fi Stress Test was a wonderful experience and provides an incredibly valuable resource for the wireless LAN community. Keith has brought together vendors and industry professionals to conduct independent performance analysis of WLAN equipment in a real-world setting. The testing was executed with cooperation among multiple vendors and a high level of professionalism! I hope this is only the first of many such events!”    Andrew von Nagy – Senior Wi-Fi Architect – Aerohive Networks