Wireless Security / Setting Goals – WLPC Wireless LAN Weekly EP 6

This episode is targeted to coincide with the launch of the latest edition of Sybex’s CWSP Study Guide – it started shipping this month! We are lucky enough to get David Coleman, one of the Authors of this new book to share some thoughts about Wireless Security with us.

In the soft-skills section we are glad to have a business and success coach, Justin Lukasavige to speak on setting goals to help meet your success needs.

David has been the author of both the CWNA and the CWSP study guides… including this latest incarnation of the CWSP book. He talks about some of the issues surrounding Wireless Network security. He spoke with us from his offices at his company, AirSpy from their offices in Atlanta. You can follow David via twitter @mistermultipath

Justin ended his successful career as an airline pilot, to help others through private coaching to help meet folks goals… and speaks to us on how to use some of these goal-setting techniques to also help our listeners to reach the success they are looking for. You can find his new Podcast and website at CoachRadio.tv. Or via twiiter @pastdue.

Thanks to both David and Justin for sharing their expertise with us this week.

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