WLW 011 – Maps & Compass / Social Media

Maps & Compass / Social Media


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We’ve brought back David Hutchieson to share some knowledge about the use of Maps and Compasses with respect to Wireless LANs. Dave gives a great set of analogies to make this topic easy to understand.

Then we follow that with a segment with Cliff Ravenscraft, aka PodcastAnswerMan, who also hosts a podcast on Social Media, where we’ll talk about how you need to have your own personal brand, and how you can benefit from a Social Media strategy.

Magnetic North

One of many theories about how the earth’s magnetic field was formed

View Multimedia Version – The Solar System – How to Make a Planet

Magnetic Declination
Magnetic Declination Part 2

True North

Grid North


Finding North Using The Sun and a Stick

Using a Compass


Using a Map:




http://mapzone.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/mapzone/PagesHomeworkHelp/docs/easypeasy.pdf [ meant for kids…. contains some good graphics though ]




http://www.uvm.edu/~goldbar/FM3_25.26.pdf [ very detailed military manual ]





The following give some interesting insights into the daily lives of some of the pioneers mentioned in the audiocast:

John Napier

James Watt

Lord Kelvin

Alexander Graham Bell

James Clerk Maxwell


Scottish Inventions and Discoveries

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