University Wireless / Financial Ruts | WLPC Wireless LAN Weekly EP 12

First a discussion with Max Lopez of the University of Colorado about issues with running a Wireless Network in a University environment. Max comes with lots of experience, not only at the University, but years in working with a variety of corporations.

The second segment is with Derek Sisterhen, lead financial coach with Lukas Coaching, as well as host of a weekly show called Past Due Radio. He’ll share with us some ways to get out of the financial ruts we might find ourselves in.

You can contact Max at any of the following methods for more questions about how they are doing their wireless at the University of Colorado.

For further details about their wireless network on campus, there is their web site.

Derek comes from a background in banking, but now works as a lead financial coach, helping people to meet their finanical goals. He shares with us some steps and techniques on how you can get out of the finanical ruts you might find yourself in.

Also, you might want to check out his weekly podcast/radio show over at Past Due Radio.
Twitter @DJSisterhen
919-342-0801 ext. 302
Skype ID is DJSisterhen
Past Due Radio studio in their office in Raleigh, NC

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