Moving to Mac | WLPC Wireless LAN Weekly EP 24

Many years ago, I worked with Ron Nutter on the CNEPA Communications Committee, for those of you you are old enough to remember it, the CNEPA turned into the Network Professional Association… oh, the good old days…

Ron has been an editor with Network World for over 17 years writing articles on Help Desk, and answering your questions about networks. In his ‘day job’ he maintains a large multi-national corporate network.  In this episode we’ll talk a bit about his transition from a Windows guy, to a Mac person, and all that entails with respect to an IT Professional.

You might not be thinking of moving to a Macintosh, you might be satisfied using Windows and love your Dell/HP/Lenovo. But this discussion of the tools that are needed as a Network Engineer can be good food for thought for all of us.

You can get a copy of his free e-book with the same title here. Or check out his new website and blogs.

Some of the items we mentioned in the interview:

Keyspan USA-19HS adapter – USB to Serial Adapter

MacWise – Terminal Software

ZOC – Terminal Software

Super Looper – Rolled Adapter

Little Snitch – Outbound Firewall

MSecure – Password System

Thanks for listening.

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