Hotspot 2.0 | WLPC Wireless LAN Weekly EP 49

WLAN Professionals Podcast

In this week’s episode, our main topic is Hotspot 2.0 with Dave Wright.

We’ll discuss what to do Before and After an AP Install in our tutorial, and lookup the term “RADIUS” in our Geek Glossary.

Finally we’ll get to know just WhoIs Heather Williams.

Before & After Access Point Installation Processes

Before Installing an Access Point – Check Cable for the Following

  1. Check cable meets/exceeds Cat5e or better specs. Confirm distance <100m
  2. Confirm cable supports 1000Mb connection and configured for Full Duplex
  3. Confirm Power over Ethernet meets AP’s requirements. Check 802.3af or 802.3at requirements and AP’s PoE class needs.
  4. Confirm DHCP, DNS, IP Subnet Mask, Default Gateway are available and meet scope as designed.
  5. Document which Switch and which Port Access Point will be connected to. (Using LLDP protocol)
  6. Test DNS to confirm target servers are resolving correctly.
  7. Ping Default Gateway as given from DHCP process. Ping some server on far side of Default Gateway to confirm router is up.
  8. Confirm you can connect/ping to Controller, WNMS, etc. (might need to check if necessary ports are open)
  9. Confirm what VLANs are available via this port.
    – Trunk or Access Port needed?
    – Centralized forwarding vs Distributed?
  10. Is Management VLAN assigned and available?

Plug Access Point to Cable and Finish Mounting

  1. Document AP’s MAC, Assigned Name, Location, Switch/Port used, IP Address received, etc.
  2. Confirm Access Point has been installed in proper orientation, as designed, at proper location.
  3. Wait for AP to receive configuration from Controller/WNMS. Listen in the air for all SSID’s to be broadcast and available.
  4. Using a client connect and test each assigned SSID – including proper VLAN assignment and IP Address as designed.