ZioTek ‘Shortys’ Cables

I’ve found a great solution to all those different USB cables and connectors an IT guy needs to have. ZioTek makes short little cables – all different types – but the benefit is they are short enough to do their job, yet pack and carry easily.

These are useful to mount USB Wireless Devices to the back of your laptop lid, out of harms way, and not sticking out dangerously from the sides of your laptop – ready to break off with the slightest bumping and jarring.

I also carry a couple iPhone charge/sync cables with me (just in case…) and these short little ones fit just about anywhere and stay out of the way until you need them.

I enjoy having more space in my bags and not having to ‘wrap up’ the longer cables I used to carry with me.

A big ‘thumbs up’ to these folks who obviously listened to what the industry needed!

You can find these at the ZioTek website.